Here you'll Find Links to Sites That Have Something to do with Me--
Either Sites I Feel are Important or I Think Are Just Fun to Visit. Enjoy!

Animal Websites:

While there are many resources to help people in need, the number of resources for animals is considerably limited, especially when considering how dependent they are on us.
Animals are the one thing in the world that give us unconditional love. Please consider making a difference in the lives of animals in need. Kindness to animals helps build a better world for all of us. Even a small donation can make a world of difference--and its tax deductible. Not sure who or what to donate to? Below are a few reputable sites. No matter what kind of animal you love, there is a site representing animals that needs your help. If you know of a reputable site and would like to submit a link to it, feel free to submit it for consideration.
Adopt a homeless pet!
A great site with links to Shelter and Rescue Groups in your area.
Dunrovin Ranch is a PMU (Pregnant Mare Urine) foal rescue.
Another Chance Animal Rescue. A good resource site.
Best Friends Animal Society.

Educational Websites:
The Joe Kubert School, world famous school where I trained & graduated.

Friends' Websites:
My good friend Paul is an excellent carpenter--honest and reliable.
My best friends website. An extremely talented musician.

Entertainment Websites:

Fan of Lost? The following links are must-visit sites:

"Reaching out to a better tomorrow."
Make your own DHARMA Initiative Food Rations!
Awesome! The HANSO Foundation rocks! (Except for that whole evil takeover thing)
Perhaps the best podcast if you are a fan Lost.
Lostpedia is like Wikipedia for Lost, with entries for anything mentioned on the show.


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