Brisco is my dog, named after Brisco County Jr., a TV show I used to really like. An Australian Shepherd Mix,
this little guy is an Amazing Dog--full of Love with Energy to burn! Brisco was a stray who had been abandoned and
was living on his own, roaming the streets for at least a month before I took him in. And I honestly couldn't ask for
a better dog. In addition to being cute, lovable and popular with the ladies, he also has an earsplitting bark, which can
shatter any inanimate object within 6 feet and render a person completely deaf within 7-10 seconds. Brisco is also bionic--
he has artificial lenses in his eyes. Shortly after being diagnosed with Diabetes, Brisco began to lose his eyesight--
a result of the formation of cataracts. So I took him to see a specialist in Rhode Island who performed surgery, saving his eyesight!

In addition to having Diabetes, he is currently battling Lymphoma, a type of Cancer.  Brisco gets all the medical treatment
possible, because, as a friend of mine once said, "I would sooner go without food than deny my dog medical treatment".
I would like to publicly Thank Brisco's wonderful team of Doctors and their staff for all they have done and continue to do for this
wonderful, faithful companion and friend. Dr. Charles Perkins (General Practitioner), Dr. Marcia Aubin (Eye Specialist) & Dr. Gail
Mason (Oncologist).
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© Copyright 2007 Craig Flint