Craig Flint, a Maine-based artist, has worked in the field of commercial
illustration for over 15 years. He studied and Graduated from the
world-famous Joe Kubert School where he trained in a variety of artistic
methods under many legendary figures in the business.

Over his career, Craig has also been involved in storyboard
illustration, book and book cover illustration, as well as designing
posters and graphics for the screen printing industry. He has also been
privately commissioned numerous times for a wide variety of artistic

Mr. Flint specializes in Illustration & Narrative Sequential
Storytelling, from storyboarding to children's illustration. Being a
dedicated professional, Craig is committed to creating quality work that
inspires, entertains and creates a lasting impression. Unafraid to
undertake challenging projects and to experiment with new techniques, he
has created an ever widening sphere of recognition amongst his peers.

He also has a nice doggie......


© Copyright 2007 Craig Flint